Continuing to value and support the work of Audencia’s entire teaching body

After having updated the Faculty Handbook, the Academic Department is continuing work to fully integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into all of the programmes taught at the School.

André Sobczak

Academic and Research Director


The number of members who have joined Audencia’s faculty to help develop teaching and research activities.

What have been your department’s main achievements in 2019?

In 2019, first and foremost, we were able to update the Faculty Handbook, a guide to our most important policies and practices. It is an essential and formative document relating to all the activities of faculty members, including those on the Shenzhen campus. In addition, we have reformed the work units, enabling us to focus on teaching methods other than face-to-face classroom teaching. This includes, for example, programme coordination and the design of new teaching formats and online activities. The aim of this global reform is to highlight the rich wealth of teaching activities provided by our academics.

What is the outlook for 2020?

As we continue to grow the faculty and increase its impact on the academic world, on students, businesses and, more globally, society, we also want to improve the support provided to our many contractors. As with the faculty members, it is important to offer them knowledge-sharing workshops, and even training courses on education and our values. The aim is to ensure that the principles of corporate social responsibility are fully integrated into all of our programmes, across all disciplines.

In your view, 120 years is synonymous with…

For me, this anniversary should be an opportunity for us, as a group, to look back on the journey the School has taken, firstly, to celebrate our many successes, but also to consider the reasons why other projects have not worked as well. Adopting this approach will help us to better understand our School’s strengths, and to identify what is most suitable for our different stakeholders, so that we can ensure an even brighter future!

— André Sobczak