Expert management ensuring a trouble-free future

Following a positive financial report, the School will be continuing its development in France and abroad. 2020 will be marked by the completion of the renovation and extension of several of our Nantes campuses.

Anne-Marie Lagarde

Administrative and Finance Director


Audencia’s overall budget for the coming year – a 70% increase compared to 2015.

What have been your department’s main achievements in 2019?

Thanks to our fantastic management, we have been able to make numerous investments this year. We have had the opportunity to improve the work and living spaces of both our students and staff with the renovation of our multimedia library, amphitheatres and even our canteen. This year, Audencia’s excellent financial situation has been confirmed (profit has doubled in comparison to 2018, increased resources with a cash position of nearly €34 M), supported by its increased self-financing ability.

What is the outlook for 2020?

For our Management, 2020 will be marked by the renewal of our three accreditations, the establishment of an in-house Apprentice Training Centre (Centre de Formation des Apprentis – CFA) as well as international development. This year will also be marked by continued investment in real estate, particularly with the reopening of the School’s entire historic building which has been renovated and expanded and the extension of the City Campus adding more than 2,000 m². Lastly, we will also be using a new Decision Support Tool in line with the School’s digitalisation strategy as a growth driver alongside the establishment of the EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) which facilitates the real-time monitoring of activity and budgets.

In your view, 120 years is synonymous with…

For me, this anniversary is the embodiment of our School’s rich roots, both geographically in terms of its strong roots in the Nantes region as well as regarding the significance of its research. Audencia’s history is also marked by its boldness in terms of its continuous expansion at a national level and its early historical development abroad. Ultimately, what I will remember from these last 120 years is its innovation. This is a major focus that the School has always supported through its specialisations, curriculum and tools; all of which have been backed by solid financial resources, making it a valuable asset among Business Schools.

— Anne-Marie Lagarde