120 events for 120 years of history!

We will be counting on Com again this year! While 2019 was characterised by the remarkable Never Stop Daring campaign, 2020 will be filled with many celebrations! 120 years of expertise and audacity: now that is something to celebrate!

Frank Dormont

Director of Communications and Institutional Relations


This is Audencia’s position as an influencer on social networks among French Management Schools. The School is 6th among French Higher Education and Research Institutions (Etablissements Supérieurs et de Recherche Français).

What have been your department’s main achievements in 2019?

In 2019, we reaffirmed our ambition for international growth and set ourselves apart with our Never Stop Daring branding. Underpinning this initiative are three strong values: innovation, responsibility and cooperation. We are working on raising awareness of the School on social networks through our growing visibility. Using the hashtag #AudenciaCitizen, we have become influential both internally and externally with numerous mentions on social networks. Audencia has thus become a media in its own right. This collaborative initiative has been recognised by two awards, ARCES and Stratégies, as well as with an honorary distinction at the 31st edition of the Grands Prix COM-ENT. These three honours have encouraged us to continue pursuing this path in 2020.

What is the outlook for 2020?

Our goal for the upcoming year is to reaffirm our uniqueness and the hybridisation of Audencia through our 120th anniversary celebration. The idea is to highlight the School’s past as well as its future. Our objective is thus to continue to support the development of our School and to strengthen our audience’s pride in their sense of belonging by reaffirming our commitments for 2020 and developing a plan for 2021-2025. Several unifying projects will be pursued this year including providing support for the real estate development plan and implementing the Work, Environment and Cooperation Project (Projet Travail, Environnement et Coopération – TEC) as well as the Digital Transformation Project. All these cross-cutting projects will need change management support from us to enable them to be quickly implemented, thus benefiting our overall performance.

In your view, 120 years is synonymous with…

The School’s stability and proven excellence are demonstrated in its 120-year existence along with 20 years of the Audencia brand, our 10-year-long partnership with the WWF and the 10-year existence of the Foundation. This also translates to a strong sense of commitment to the Audencia brand among our entire community. For the communications department, these anniversaries are synonymous with celebration. For the occasion, we are going to use 120 important moments to mark the event throughout the year. These celebrations will culminate with the inauguration of our renovated facilities, a major Isegoria conference, the foundation dinner and an unforgettable Homecoming Day. And of course, we cannot forget the inauguration of a knowledge tree in the School square… 2020 has many surprises in store for you!

— Frank Dormont